wirtschaftsblatt zu "Gewinnen mit Börsenzyklen"

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Gewinnen mit Börsenzyklen: Erste Stimmen

"Markets should rally to 2009/10 DAX seen at 10,000, Dow Jones between 26 and 29,000 - New book promises gains with stock exchange-cycles

Investing in cycles on stock exchanges is not new. But this theme has a big revival in Germany in the last months. In his new book 'Gains with Exchange cycles' Thomas Müller, Editor in chief of boerse.de, presents all the dominating cycles currently existing on the world stock exchanges. Furthermore, the analysis of cycles is described in detailed and a look into the future is taken.

A look into the future

In his German language book Müller names some targets and cycle processes for the next few years. In the DAX he expects a sharp rally to 10,000 points until March 2010 and three years later the absolute low of the next cycle. For 2006 Müller sees the high of the cycle in March and April and the yearlow in May or August. Year on Year he expects no big years in the DAX - more a plus/minus zeroperformance. For 2007 and 2008 two digit growth is expected and an end-of-cycle-rally for 2009.
For the Dow Jones Müller sees some sharp rises to 2009. The Dow should reach 29,000 points by the end of 2009 and 32,000 points by 2010. For 2006 it is expected that, if the 11,000 points will fall, as they did last week, the Dow will rise quickly to 12,000 points in March or April and close at this level after a sharp correction. For 2007 a typical Presidential election year with sharply rising prices is expected and for 2008 Müller prognoses two digit growth in the Dow.For 2009 a sharp rise should be seen as the end of the cycle.
After the sharp surges in the Dow Jones and the DAX, Müller sees a big slump after 2010 and expects the low of the cycle in 2014. After this 2015 will show a new Hausse until 2017 and 2018.
Investor conclusion: A fine book for anyone who thinks that stock exchanges are dominated by cycles. Whether or not the future can be predicted that precisely is another theme. It's interesting how Müller went about analysing cycles and explains how to look at them. At 39.95 Euro it is not a cheap book, but worth a look for anyone interested in Eliott Wave and other technical themes."


Profitieren auch Sie von den historischen Kursmustern und fordern Sie Gewinnen mit Börsenzyklen von Thomas Müller jetzt hier versandkostenfrei an.